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Sunday, May 15, 2011

We shall call her... POPPY!

Yesterday I got my new bike!
She is a Pashley Poppy... customised to look like a Britannia! She has the pretty curved handle bars, a massive fromt basket, a shiny light and the best part...PINK!

I am awaiting the arrival of a silver back rack as black just didn't seem right.

The photo isn't amazing, taken with an iphone. I'm sure I will add some more!

The other bike is my bf, A's new bike. It is a Pashley Roadster Classic. We got the bicycles from Bakerlite Trading Company in Port Melbourne. They have a shop with lots of different bikes to check out, which does make it tricky to decide!

The sun is shining in this photo, but it was a freezing and the only hour during the day where it didn't rain!

We took the new beauties for a ride along the Barwon River for their maiden voyage! The next trip will be to a lovely local bluestone pub about 40 mins ride away for Sunday lunch with A, my sister, her fiance and my dad, all who love a good ride (and lunch!)

My sister has a classic Gazelle in black and her fiance, L has a sweet single speed classic looking Bianchi in cream with tan leather grips and seat! Dad being the serious rider of the group has a road bike and a mountain bike and is more for the practical than the style!

Tonight I will be nose deep in the manual, which is almost as pretty as the bikes, what do you think?

 I do hope the weather improves, I don't mind the cold, it is the rain that bothers me!


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