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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manly Carriers

It took my about 12 months to coerce A into getting a bike, so we can have bike dates. I love riding on the weekends and have a few riding buddies but would have enjoyed if A could come along too!

The decider for him was a beautiful night a few months ago. We were heading to our friends place and felt that a bit of exercise was needed so decided on a walk. We had our drinks and things to carry so I took my bike and A quickly walked beside.

On the way home after a few drinks we decided dinking was a good idea...it wasn't, we failed and decided to stop before there were tears!

A jogged home while i rode... puffing he announced that it was time to get a bike. Hooray!

Now he has the amazing Pashley Roadster Classic with a rear carrier.
via Bakerlite Trading Company
I love baskets a panniers and all things girly, but what do you put on a manly bike? Currently I'm carrying the groceries in my big basket, but that makes for a limited shop.

We decided on making a sweet crate to put on the back. My parent have an antiques store which has a massive cellar and used to be a grocers. In the cellar were shelves made form old beer and wine crates. We have collected a few panels and Dad and I are making a crate. 

I haven't got any photos of the process yet but will get onto it this weekend. We have sanded and cleaned up the pieces and cut them all to size ready for a layer of marine varnish to protect them from the elements.

I also had a hunt for other manly products. I found these to be rather suitable!

both via bent basket
This baby is from Bent Baskets and adjusts to carry almost anything you want. I found this product while trawling through blogs via sfgirlbybay.

The next one i found was the porters crate from Beg Bicycles.
via Beg
And lucky last these handmade crates from Bates Crates.

via Bates Crates
The coffee cup holder is a sweet addition and oh so handy! It would be very practical on a front carrier.

I am excited to see how A's crate will turn out (I am also excited for him to be carrying the groceries up the hill!)


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