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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to the Pashley

I think I have decided that I will get a Pashley bicycle, but which one?
The Pashley princess, the britannia or the poppy?

All have their different features and styles.

Photo by Jill Murry- found via Pashley 
The Princess is the classic bicycle. The one I always imagined I would get, however when I saw her I didn't fall in love straight away. 

She is beautiful don't get me wrong, but not for me, maybe too serious? 

I do enjoy the green and the size would make for a smooth ride.

The back rack and huge basket are fantastic features. 

Lets not forget the beautiful silver bullet lights too!  

The Poppy is an amazing colour and is even better in real life!

The Pashly princess, poppy and britannia are all the same shaped frame, just different features.

As Much as I love the poppy's colour, i dont love the straight handle bars.
I also require a basket, back rack and lights for those evening trips!

This model has three speed gears which is all I need. I do love the cream wheels, soo pretty! 

The britannia is a beautiful bike, it is classic but still zippy. The cream wheels, basket and lights are fantastic features.
It also has the big bendy handlebars.

It comes in navy blue, red and white. I think my favorite is the navy! There are too many red bikes out there for my liking.

This baby has five speed gears.

All the Pashley's  I have looked at have Sturmey Archer hub gears and breaks and a cute chain guard.

You can check out the uk site for full details and for stockists! 

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