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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Helmet

I got a helmet today. I didn't get the velvet one that I saw previously. It was beautiful, but when I put it on I looked like a bobble head!
I got this one!

The silver bit on the front of mine is much darker, almost black. It is surprisingly comfortable and suede type fabric.

I purchased it from Horseland. Not being a pony club kind of girl, I had never really been into a horse shop. I imagined it would be fairly boring. NOT SO!

It was beautiful with amazing quilted accessories for you and your horse. Everything was stylish, it was every 10 year old girls dream. Think Barbie and Tawny!

I think my bank balance is very lucky I don't have a pony, I am the kind of girl that would like to accessorise my pony to my outfit of the day.

I also found an amazing pair of leather riding boots I may just have to have!

If you haven't ventured to a Horse supplies shop, do it! It will amaze you (particularly if you are into quilted vests!)


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