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My name is Simone, my sister calls me Pony. This is my blog about life. I have just purchased my first home and I plan on documenting the progress we make decorating and tweaking our nest while still keeping busy with the things I love.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pink Parade

I would like to collect a group of people and create a pink bicycle parade. It might look like this...


I would wear this..
How many of you out there are pink cycle ladies or men? What colour is your sweet ride (or ride of your dreams?)

Happy dreaming Monday xoxox


  1. I have a black BSA right now, but I'd love the pink Beg for days when I don't want to get the BSA dirty/wet

  2. I'm in! At the moment I only ride a "dream" bike though..haha so first dibs on Pashley!!

  3. I would also love a black single speed racer for days when I just want to go fast! But as our bikes live in our spare room in our two bedroom house I don't think A will cope with another!

    We can be Pashley friends in the parade! I must say a pashley was my dream bike for soo long!