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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frostbite from my pocket

There has not been much riding of late due to inclement weather. But is is ski season and we are off the a winner start!
With a week already booked at Perisher and a few day trips planned the snow accessorising begins!

A purchased a pair of ski boots as he hasn't done much skiing the past and is keen to get better (well my love for the snow may also be pushing him).
As we are doing a week, hire boots would be awful and uncomfortable.
However it did make yearn for a new pair of ski boots. I got my current ones on sale while I was at uni and they have treated me well but are a bit to basic for what I need.

I tried these babies on yesterday.
via salomon
The picture doesn't really do them justice but the liner is quilted gold. (the outer shell is see through). They are designed to keep your feet super warm which is what I need.

I also love this jacket...puffy goodness.
via buy snow
mmm, pink vest love...
via burton
Bows + wool+ headband = warm joy
via emmadime

I am very aware that none of this stuff matches, I am normally a coordinated girl but the on slopes I prefer a mismatched look with wacky colours and fun beanies!

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